Applied ecological research

Ecoplan Australia’s strength is our background in research. Our team of consultants have conducted a range of ecological studies; investigating wildlife population abundance and dynamics, habitat utilisation, home range and movement ecology, behaviour, impacts and the efficacy of management interventions such as fertility control, translocations and reintroductions.

Ecoplan Australia has trained managers and researchers in the use of field research techniques, and coordinated cooperative research programs. We can implement research projects, and train your staff to implement such projects.

Ecoplan Australia can design and apply robust experimental designs to answer your research questions. We collect and collate data, manage large databases, and undertake data analysis. We prepare written reports to a professional standard and are experienced in publishing scientific literature based on primary research. In addition, we prepare comprehensive literature reviews to inform research and management.

Our ecological consultants have conducted research on a diverse array of wildlife taxa. We specialise in mammals, having worked with exotic and native herbivores, omnivores and carnivores, ranging from small pest species such as European rabbits to large native marsupials such as koalas and eastern grey kangaroos. We also conduct research on birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.

To ensure that our practices are up to date, we keep abreast of the latest scientific research in our field. In addition, we maintain collaborative links with management agencies, academic and research institutions, professional associations and conservation organisations.

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