Arboreal services

Ecoplan Australia has specialist skills in capture and handling of arboreal wildlife. Our staff are trained and experienced in the use of tree climbing equipment and our team includes a qualified arborist.

These specialist tree climbing skills enhance our capacity to provide a variety of services essential to wildlife management and research including:

  • capture of arboreal wildlife such as koalas and greater gliders;
  • trapping of arboreal wildlife such as small mammals;
  • fitting of nest boxes; 
  • undertaking monitoring of arboreal species (e.g., using camera traps); and
  • collection of arboreal ecological samples (e.g., seed and plant tissue).

In all wildlife capture and handling services offered by Ecoplan Australia, our focus is on operator safety and animal welfare.

Contact us to discuss how our arboreal wildlife services may assist you in achieving your management or research objectives.

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