Diet analysis

Wildlife management often requires an understanding of diet. Knowledge of diet can provide insight into threats posed by pest species, for example, the impacts of herbivores such as deer on plant communities, or carnivores such as foxes on prey species.

On the other hand, an understanding of diet is essential to ensure that suitable food resources are available for desirable species, and in particular threatened species, for example, at captive breeding program release sites.

Ecoplan Australia has expertise in analysing herbivore diets from faecal (scat) material and rumen/stomach samples using macroscopic sorting techniques and microhistological techniques.

We have conducted research on the diets of numerous mammalian species, ranging from introduced deer and rabbits to native rodents and marsupials, to answer a variety of questions relating to management and ecological theory. We are also equipped to conduct carnivore and omnivore diet analysis.

Our diet analysis services include:


  • field collection of faecal and stomach samples;
  • provision of expertise to assist researchers and managers who want to collect and store samples;
  • laboratory analysis of samples;
  • field and laboratory preparation of macroscopic and microscopic plant reference herbariums;
  • data analysis;
  • report writing and preparation of scientific articles for publication.

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