Fauna & flora survey

Ecoplan Australia is experienced in undertaking flora and fauna surveys. We inform clients of the conservation significance of sites, and in particular, the presence of rare or threatened species.

Ecoplan Australia staff are qualified zoologists, botanists and ecologists experienced in undertaking flora and fauna surveys using a range of techniques. We utilise a large array of equipment suitable for surveying mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds: remote infrared camera traps, fauna traps and nets (e.g., harp traps, pitfall traps, Elliot traps, cage traps, funnel traps and dip nets),hair tubes, Anabat detectors, call-playback, reptile tile grids, radio-telemetry, GPS units, GIS software (ArcMap), spotlights and binoculars.

We carefully consider the habitat and species in question and select the most appropriate methods and survey timing that will deliver comprehensive and efficient surveys. Depending on client requirements, we can undertake one-off site assessments, or implement ongoing monitoring programs to suit any budget.

Contact us to discuss how our fauna and flora surveys may assist you in achieving your management or research objectives.

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