Koala management & research

Ecoplan Australia specialises in koala management and research. Our staff have conducted research on the development of effective management strategies for koala populations, and have implemented koala management programs.

Ecoplan Australia have worked cooperatively with numerous organisations to manage koalas, including Parks Victoria, Government Departments, industry (e.g., forestry) and conservation NGOs.

This work has been conducted in both conservation areas with low or declining population densities, and at sites with high-density or ‘overabundant’ koala populations. Through this experience, our staff have acquired an intimate theoretical and practical knowledge of koala ecology and management, and extensive hands-on expertise in koala capture and handling.

Our koala management and research skills and services include:

  • specialised tree-based koala capture and handling techniques and equipment;
  • preparation of koala management plans;
  • applied management of koalas, including fertility control and translocation;
  • koala surveys and population estimates;
  • canopy health assessment; and
  • diet analysis.

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