Wildlife capture & handling

Ecoplan Australia offers wildlife capture and handling services, essential to many management and research activities. For example, capture and handling of wildlife are required during translocation or reintroduction to new habitats, for the attachment of radio-tracking devices, in tagging for studies of population dynamics, and in veterinary assessment and treatment.

Ecoplan Australia focuses on animal welfare and operator safety. We are experienced in capture and handling of wildlife ranging in size from small rodents to large marsupials and select techniques that maximise efficiency and safety while minimising stress to animals.

Ecoplan Australia possesses firearms licences (Category C) for tranquiliser dart guns, and staff are trained in the use of chemical capture (Ecotone Wildlife Veterinary Services).

Ecoplan Australia is experienced in the use of a range of wildlife trapping methods for small–medium bodied mammals including mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds. Ecoplan Australia has specialist skills in capture of arboreal wildlife such as possums, gliders, koalas and bats. We can undertake animal handling procedures as required, for example, fitting of radio-tracking equipment and health/condition assessments.

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