Emily became the director of Ecoplan Australia in 2013. She is a skilled field ecologist with expertise in managing both overabundant and threatened native fauna. Of note is her extensive experience with koalas, kangaroos and possums.

Emily completed her PhD through the Zoology department at the University of Melbourne. Her research focused on developing and implementing effective management strategies for high-density koala populations in south-eastern Australia. Prior to becoming director of Ecoplan Australia, Emily gained knowledge and experience in a broad range of roles. These include positions with ecological consultancies, government departments and research institutions.

Emily has in-depth knowledge on the ecology of a wide range of taxa. She has worked with government bodies and industry to develop management plans for pest species and recovery plans for threatened fauna. Emily loves wildlife capture and handling and is experienced with a range of techniques from trapping through to chemical immobilisation via tranquilliser rifle.