Kangaroo management & research

Ecoplan Australia specialises in kangaroo management and research. Our staff have undertaken research projects in kangaroo ecology and management, conducted population surveys and developed management plans for kangaroos in urban and rural areas.

Ecoplan Australia staff have strong theoretical and practical knowledge of kangaroo ecology and management, and the application of adaptive management solutions to control high-density populations, as well as hands-on expertise in kangaroo capture and handling.

This knowledge and experience allows Ecoplan Australia to offer several targeted kangaroo services including:


  • kangaroo capture and handling techniques and equipment, including darting, five-metre prod-pole, and fence trapping;
  • kangaroo surveys and population estimates using a variety of techniques (e.g., distance sampling, faecal pellet counts and camera traps);
  • monitoring of vegetation, for example to estimate food availability for kangaroo populations and responses of vegetation communities to kangaroo grazing;
  • diet analysis; and
  • development and implementation of kangaroo management plans.

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